Panelized Systems

Panelized Systems

Fast Track - Schedule Savings

Panelization shortens the construction schedule. While foundation work is in progress on site we are building the exterior walls in our warehouse, so they ready to be erected as soon as the structural steel erector is complete. Our panelized curtain wall/bypass framed walls enable you to close-in an entire facility in a matter of days not weeks. Panels can incorporate varying amount of scope to include sheathing, air barrier systems, insulation systems, brick ties and more.

Pre-fabricated load bearing wall and floor panels for low and mid rise buildings allow for economical, high quality, fast track construction in most cases without the need for structural steel, reducing the overall building cost while saving time.

Our prefinished wall systems provide an even greater overall cost saving, further reduces the construction schedule and since the panels are manufactured and finished in a climate controlled warehouse, provide a better overall quality finished product then what can be achieved in the field. Prefinished wall panels can be integrated with nearly any finish type: EIFS, brick, stone, metal panel, cement siding and more. Prefinished panels allow for better integrated flashing details and preinstalled glazing systems. Further, Prefinished panel construction reduces or eliminates the staging and equipment costs and provides a truly weather tight building with a finished look to the building from the start of the project. To achieve the greatest value from a panelized approach, please include us early in the design phase.

Load Bearing Panels:

Panels made of cold formed metal studs are surprisingly strong. At the Hollywood Slots project in Bangor, Maine we actually went to a height of 7 stories with no structural steel other than the stair towers. Each floor had a layer of poured concrete. Porter was able to complete each 12,000 sq. ft. floor in under ten days.

Insulated Panels:

The panels may be insulated in the factory with many options for rigid insulation as well as spray foam. Porter Panel & Truss will work with your design team to detail the best system for your application.

Prefinished Panels:

Whether for a load bearing or curtain wall application the wall panels can be prefinished in our factory with a large variety of options for siding. They may have a final coat of stucco or EFIS applied or be prepared for a site applied finish layer such as brick, stone, stucco or wood sidings such as cedar shakes or clapboards.